Deep Segmentation.
Smarter Customer Retention.

Send the right customers, the right message, at the right time.

Use your own database to build top-notch customer retention engine for your business.
MailSurgeon in 90 seconds:
Reach the Right Customers
Build complex segmentation in seconds, without coding or querying knowledge.
Unleash the full potential of your business to reach its customers - Create extremely precise mailing groups based on your own database, with logic only you know. No more import-export email-lists, and no more dependency on your database administrator. Smart and effective campaigns are in your hands.
Deliver the Right Message
Write highly personalized emails, based on any existing customer information stored on your database.
Send your customers emails that they are happy to receive, and improve your impact and monetization.
Make Smarter Retention
Get the tools to setup smart email retention programs based on your user life cycle.
Build a powerful converting machine that runs automatically on daily or weekly basis, creates smart mailing-lists based on your users' life cycle, and sends them propositions when they are ready.
Learn how to setup your first deep segmented campaign
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How to Skyrocket Your Email Open-Rate?
A successful email campaign starts with an extremely precise mailing list.
Sending an email offering "30% OFF on Pregnancy Pillows", to all your subscribers, might get you few sales tomorrow, but it'll definitely kill your email reputation in the long run.
However, if you'll send this campaign to a well-targeted segment such as:
female age between 20-45 visited the `newborn page` in the past week purchased more than 3 products over the last month
... your email is giving an actual value to its readers and increase the chance they will open all your next promotional emails.