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MailSurgeon is an online marketing tool for email retention professionals.

It allows you to use your own database for creating a fully automated retention engine for your business.

The holy trinity of email marketing, sending the right message, to the right recipients, at the right time, has always been very challenging. Emails with 70% open-rate & 15% click rate became unachievable in the too-much-information age. Attaining such effective emails requires very precise segmented mailing-list, highly personalized email messages and of course timing.

MailSurgeon provides set of tools to top up these 3 elements:

  • It connects to your database, learning its structure and table relations, allowing you to create a deep segmentation easily.
  • It allows you to build personalized emails with every existing information stored in your database.
  • It runs on an hourly (or daily, weekly..) basis, queries your database for a fresh mailing list that meets your criteria, and send emails to its recipients - fully automatic.

Person's email is a private space. To get an entry ticket, and not just once, we marketers, need to master the thin borderline between our recipient's privacy and our marketing goals. When a multi-entries ticket achieved, the marketing value is enormous. MailSurgeon offers an extremely sophisticated yet simple way to achieve those tickets.

More information and explainer videos are available in our learning center >

If you are a journalist or blogger and want to review MailSurgeon we'll be happy to help. Contact us at: [email protected]

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