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Creating automated retention engine for your business

MailSurgeon's secret weapon, Repetitive campaigns, enables you to build a powerful converting machine for your business.

It might take few minutes to fully understand it's potential, and then few hours or even days to set it up, but when you'll have it ready, your retention performance will fly high, and will work on its own for very long time.

Similar to any one-time campaign, the repetitive campaign is based on sending the right customers, the right message, at the right time. But the difference is that the repetitive campaign runs multiple times, automatically.

Using your own database structure for deep segmentation and real-time mailing-list creation, together with automated scheduling, set you free from the most challenging and demanding marketing methods available for online businesses.

Repetitive Campaigns setup

The basic idea is to build a campaign that runs constantly on a weekly, daily or hourly basis.

In each run, the system queries your database based on the conditions you've pre-defined, and send the campaign to a fresh new mailing list.

Potential risk - overlapping!

As repetitive campaign runs automatically, multiple times. If done wrong, the same recipients, might receive the same email over and over again.

You have to make sure that your repetitive campaigns are based on dynamic relative dates.

Simple examples for single timely-based condition criteria, which will never overlap:

Weekly updates > Runs Weekly on Mondays at 16:00pm > All users that registered during the past 7 days

Information for newcomers > Runs Daily at 17:00pm > All users that registered yesterday

Don't forget to rate us > Runs Daily at 18:00pm > All users that registered between -14 days and -13 days

Recurrence patterns

Each repetitive campaign should run in such a pattern that matches the relative dates in your criteria. Available intervals are hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

The 'Continuous' interval, is a special consecutive runner, that acts similar to transactional (triggered) emails, such as welcome email. The system identify immediate (up to 2 minutes) changes and triggers the campaign.

The 'Hot-Leads' Campaign

A well-known method to motivate new potential clients to become paying customers is to suggest a meaningful discount, just after they decided not to buy your products at full price.

A Daily repetitive campaign, which offers a 25% discount to the following segment, can reach to an amazing open-rate (> 65%), and increase your sales significantly:

visited your pricing page yesterday  for the first time  didn't purchase anything

See a demonstration in the following video: