Learn how to do smarter & better email marketing
Personalizing your emails

MailSurgeon allows you to send highly personalized emails.

Using smart placeholders, you can personalizing both your email texts, subject, intro-text and even your links. Following are some possible examples.

> Personalized subjects - can improve your open rate significantly:

"Thank you %firstname% for participating in our event!"

"Congratulations for winning %credits% point!"

> Personalized Urls - a personalized link for each recipient:


> Personalized Images:

<img src="http://mycloud.com/products/%product_id%"/>

Advanced [Placeholders]

Smart placeholders return values from your database. Like in this example:

"Hi %firstname%!"
"Hi David!"

But sometimes, the raw value stored in your database, cannot be used in its original form, like here:

"Thank you for your interest in our %pack_type%"
"Thank you for your interest in our PACK12"

To solve this, you can add special placeholders with unique name & value, like this:

[plan_PACK04] = Essential Plan
[plan_PACK12] = Premium Plan

And then combine both the smart and the special placeholders to achieve the required outcome:

"Thank you for your interest in our [plan_%pack_type%]"
"Thank you for your interest in our Premium Plan"

Math {Expressions}

Numbers stored in your database are not always qualified for presentation, like in this example:

"Your left credit: %credits%"
"Your left credit: 70.1114994817"

You can manipulate number presentation in two ways:

1. Use math operator: + addition - subtraction * multiplication / division % reminder ( ) brackets

"Your left credit: {%credits%*1000/2}"
"Your left credit: 35055.74974085"

2. Use number formatter, which accepts the following parameters: {expressions, decimals, point, separator}

expressions = The number being formatted
decimals = Sets the number of decimal points
point = Sets the separator for the decimal point
separator = Sets the thousands separator

"Your left credit: {%credits%*1000/2, 2, '.', ','}"
"Your left credit: 35,055.74"