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Event notification

Event notifications is a message service that automatically notifies your application of events related to your campaign emails. Using this service can be used to automate back-office and administrative functions.

There are 4 types of notifications: sent, open, click and conversion

Why use Event Notifications

Knowing if a certain user opened any of the emails you've sent him over the last 2 years can be useful for clearing your lists. Also, to know the group of users who are most responsive to your emails, might be useful for your crowdfunding, or Facebook-like campaign.

This essential information might exists in your external CRMs or ESP providers, but it usually does not interact with your in-app retention needs.

How it works

You create a listener page on your website and then specify the URL of the listener page in your app settings. When email event happens, MailSurgeon sends a POST containing information to that URL. Your listener then detects and processes messages according to your application needs.


To implement an event notification, you'll need to perform the following tasks:

1. Setup your App:

Under your App settings, enable event notification, and provide listener URL:

2. Setup your campaign:

Under your campaign setup, enable notification, and provide unique notification name - it used for your listener to differentiate between multiple notifications:

3. Build your listener:

Your listener needs to handle a receipt of POST message with the following parameters:

Name Type Value
notification String 1 of 4 options: sent, open, click, conversion
emails Array Example: ['[email protected]', '[email protected]']
unique String Example: invitation  See previous step